Friday, January 05, 2007

From 65 degrees to two feet of snow

So we are back in Boulder. Happy to be home, but happy to have had a break and a nice time with our families. The snow here isn't that bad overall anymore, but there are definitely places where the piles are huge. We took this picture of Jessie at the airport in Ft. Collins, when she and Chris came to pick us up (such nice friends!). You definitely need a person for some perspective on things like this. Luckily, the drifts and piles aren't this bad in most places, but it seems like the roads are still fairly dangerous with ice and slush and compacted snow (though the big ones are mostly plowed). I'm not sure I'm ready to go back to school and back to the grind just yet, but I have a week to get accustomed to the idea.

We should be getting a new computer in the next week or so as well, so that's very exciting news. My little iMac is just too swamped with the 19.9 gigs of pictures and movies I've taken (and I took out all of 2003, when we went on our USA trip and took several thousand pictures). I do too much with pictures and video and DVD burning for this computer, with iPhoto taking at least 5 minutes to boot up and freezing everything else when I run it, and my DVD burner conking out, so an upgrade is in order. Also, Peter's trusty little laptop that got us through our USA trip is dying. The main battery no longer holds a charge, so having a laptop that always needs to be plugged in (and that crashes at critical points in writing final papers) is not exactly a good thing. Since the iMac still is a fine computer when it isn't trying to process 20,000 photos, we'll transfer all the pictures, wipe the slate clean and Peter will use this one for his stuff. I just want Macworld to come so we know if they are coming out with new and improved iMacs so we don't buy an insta-obsolete model! Must...wait...three...more...days!

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