Monday, January 15, 2007

The end is near

Tomorrow we go back to school. D'oh! What happened to all the amazing free time of vacation? How did it just evaporate with me getting only a fraction of what I wanted to do done? For starters, I think I was sick all break, plus I traveled to CA, Reno and Vegas, and I was also amazingly lazy. Even today, I didn't get up until 8:30, which is better than 10, like the rest of the break. But all this will seriously bite me in the ass when I have to get up for my 8AM class this semester. Yuck! And of course, I cannot forget that I found out that Glider Pro is now freeware and available to play in OS X! I thought it wouldn't be as fun as when I was a kid, since computer games have gotten so much more sophisticated, but of course, I was tragically wrong.

In other news, we decided to wait to buy the new computer until June, or whenever they release Leopard and iLife '07 and all the other stuff that would make our computer quickly outdated. So now we are going to buy an extra RAM card for the iMac, hope that Peter's computer doesn't completely crash, and take whatever precautions we can to extend the lives of our machines. I'm a little sad, but I also know that it is probably a smart move, since there is no truly pressing need for a new computer right now (and if we get it over the summer, maybe that will give me more time to play?)

Hope everyone is warm!

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