Sunday, June 10, 2007

Spring Cleaning

For the past week or so, my dreams have been coming true. Peter and I have purchased files and files boxes, gone through both the giant Rubbermaid box filled with "important papers" and our overflowing "inbox," recycled a bunch, filed even more and basically tamed our paper tiger (for now). The laundry is mostly done, dishes are under control and I've manged to fill a box with stuff to donate. It's great!

In other Spring Cleaning-ish news, I've completely chopped my hair. It's now at my chin (!) and I love it. As soon as I can take a picture of me that I think does it justice, I will post it here for all to see. Why did I get such a drastic cut? I wanted to be able to donate my hair to Locks of Love, so that's where it ended up (byebye 11 inches!). Summer, here we come!

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