Monday, October 01, 2007

Coolest Idea Ever

Want to make a difference, but don't have a lot of dough? Think something needs to be done to help our kids in school learn, but aren't sure what to do? Like to know *exactly* where your money is going? Check out Donors Choose, which lets you looks at proposals teachers have submitted for funding to help their kids learn. They range from things like desks and chairs for kids behind the curve in writing (they are currently meeting in a hallway), to buying copies of books so that each student can have one to take home, to providing fishtanks for a science classroom. All the specifics are there, from % poverty of the school, how many students will be impacted, if the materials purchased will be used for future students, what school, basically, all the details you could want as a potential benefactor. It's tax deductible, vetted by the company (really, who would go through all this effort to scam $300 anyway?) and you even get thank you notes at the end. I think the nicest touch is that the site provides the teacher with disposable cameras and your contact info, so you can get a really personal thank you. And you can just contribute towards a project too! Definitely check it out, and not just because all of our family members (and soon to be us too!) are in the education "business."

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