Sunday, October 28, 2007

Fires are scary

In the past week, not only have the Southern California fires been all over the news, but we also had a large apartment fire in town two days ago that has displaced 50-60 people, mostly college students like myself (not to mention the tragic fire in North Carolina that killed 7 students today). These have gotten me thinking about what I would do in the same situation (at least as the students in the local fire). What would I save? After thinking about it, luckily only a few things really stood out: Our wedding negatives, my photo boxes/scrapbooks, important papers. Pretty much everything else would be at least somewhat replaceable. I wouldn't cry over losing any of our furniture (except my grandparents' cedar chest that Peter beautifully refinished, but there would be no way in hell to get that out in a hurry), all of our belongings could be replaced, and all of my computer stuff is backed up on the internet (which hopefully is safe). However, we are young. I can't imagine the same process with a house full of cherished belongings and family heirlooms, such as what you inevitably accumulate over time. Let's pray we never have ti know that heartbreak.

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