Sunday, October 21, 2007

First Snow

First snow of the year, it even stuck for a little bit, but nothing like the inches other parts of Colorado got (thank goodness). One of my new friends in the program is from Oregon and she is beside herself at the thought of snow and can't wait for it to start. Another friend is from Saudi and *hates* the snow. I have to say, I'm not keen on it starting, but there is something magical about walking along in the hush of a softly falling snow. Mainly, I get really cold in winter and the only way for me to warm up is to take a hot bath or to drink some hot chocolate (mostly the bath, though). I live in blankets and fleece at home and down jackets when I'm away (even when I'm sitting in class). Thank God for down blankets and snuggling; they make this season bearable!

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