Sunday, October 14, 2007

Musicale Saturday

Was yesterday ever full of musical-ness! First, we went to Boulder High to see their production of Little Shop of Horrors, then I watched Singin' in the Rain while the kids I babysat were sleeping. Wow!

First things first: Little Shop. We saw the understudy performance, which I thought was really cool that they had, since normally understudies just have to work really hard then never have anything to show for it. And if these were the understudies, the regulars must have been amazing! It was much, much better than my high school musicals ever were, in every aspect. The theater was an actual theater, with a proscenium, balcony seating and everything. The actors could really sing AND carry a New York accent through the entire show without sounding ridiculous, and the sets were more than just cardboard cutouts. It was a highly enjoyable time and I'd like to go see more of their productions; cheaper than Broadway! They also do interesting shows. Last year, I saw the ads that they were doing Urinetown. What other high school would do that?

Singin' in the Rain was, as usual, wonderful. I've probably seen it more than any other movie by now, and it never gets old. I was reminded yet again how full of linguistic stuff it is. Maybe someday I'll do a linguistic deconstruction of it. In the meantime, go see it if you haven't already!

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