Sunday, June 04, 2006

Baby's a-comin!

Scared you, didn't I?

I'm going to be watching a baby this summer for one of the other women in the department and our first day together is today! He's an absolutely adorable child, and I watched him for much shorter periods of time last semester and had so much fun with him. I'm really excited now, but I'm sure at 7 PM tonight, when his mommy comes to get him, I'll be too tired to be really excited.

If nothing else, this is good exposure to see what life is like with a baby (he's about 5 months old now, I think, almost six). I love kids and Peter and I want them, but not yet, since we both have a bit of schooling left to finish before we can get settled in our careers. Plus, it kind of helps to have a real job before you have a child!

If it's ok with his mom, I'll probably be posting pictures of him as well. He really is an incredibly cute baby and well-tempered as far as babies go, and I'm not his mom, so I have no bias :-) Yay for babies!

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