Saturday, June 03, 2006

How to kill a fledgling marriage

Take one wife not known for doing laundry. Add one new washer and a heaping cup of good intentions and actual initiative. Stir in one load of husband's t-shirts (white, preferably),
then add one pair red shorts and one red shirt. Remove red shirt before beginning load, but forget red shorts. Allow wash cycle to come fully to a close, savoring the washing machine's sweet little song, and open lid of washer.

Stare in horror as realization dawns that every white shirt is now pink, and a lovely deep pink at that.

Thankfully, Peter has the patience of a saint, and only got slightly distressed when he saw the shirts included one of his favorites. Luckily, the Internet is amazing and I was able to Google a solution. RIT, a company that makes dye, also has a fabulous dye remover, which I was able to get at the JoAnn's across the street for $1.99. It worked practically instantaneously and Peter has resumed talking to me!

PS I'm only joking, Peter never stopped talking to me; he actually handled it better than I did.

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