Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Favorite Little Devil

So yesterday was, obviously, 6-6-06, and it also happened to be the birthday of two of my friends, so of course we had to celebrate! The birthday boys were:
, the self-described antithesis of "President" Bush, and Luis, a Spaniard who was having his 22nd birthday for the second time. Aous and a few of us went on a short hike in Chatauqua Park, which quickly devolved into a photo hunt for Jena and me. There were just too many pretty flowers and plants to take pictures of! Here are some of the shots from our fun hike:

And here's a picture or two I took with Jena while we were falling dreadfully behind the others:

After the hike, we went over to Casa Alvarez and met up with Luis and several others. We had a great time. I hadn't seen almost anyone (except Aous) since school had let out, so it was good to catch up on various travels and the little life events that can happen in three weeks. Here's Aous tormenting Luis with suggestive camera fondling, and Luis' reaction:

Someone (we're still not sure who) told the restaurant about the birthday boys, so they brought out desserts with candles on them. Aous really didn't want to make a big deal about it, and so he wasn't too happy (sorry, it's your birthday! Could have been a lot worse!). I don't think Luis minded, since he got a free dessert :-) Aous really showed the true colors of his birth date (and his displeasure) in the picture below. I think Jena got an even better one, but I was further down the table:
Eek! But thankfully, no one was hurt and he forgave us (I think).

After dinner, some of us went to The Reef, a piano bar downtown. It was fun, but since it was early and
school was out, it was rather empty and one of the pianists was pretty rude about song selections and tips. Luckily, the next two pianists who played were absolutely amazing and played all of our silly suggestions with nary a complaint about the choice, AND did them very well! One of them was incredible. He rapped and played "Ice, Ice Baby" (with no lyrics, who can remember all those words anymore?), did an amazing beatbox Beastie Boys song, and the two of them did the coolest "Bohemian Rhapsody" (aside from the original), with only their voices and two pianos. I always have fun when I go to The Reef, but the early guys almost ruined it for me. Good thing the other two are professionals who can be funny without being bitter and rude!

You may be wondering how the babysitting is going. I'll write a post about that later, but as a result of him, I have considerably less time to write and otherwise putz around on the internet, so keep that in mind if you get impatient! (he's freaking adorable and we love him to bits is the short answer).

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