Monday, June 12, 2006


Peter and I had to laugh watching the local news last night. One of the big stories was that "many" fires had broken out all over Colorado as the result of lightning strikes, several in Boulder County. Air support had been called in and firefighters were making headway on them. The largest fire in Boulder County was... 4 acres.

4 acres??? I don't think a fire that size in Nevada would even have been reported on the news. My favorite was that one of the reporters had personally found a fire the fire department hadn't been aware of. How big was this dangerous inferno? "About 75 feet by 75 feet." Wow. Granted, Colorado is much more densely populated than Nevada ever will be, especially in this area, and there are more trees and things that could burn hotter than the cheat grass and sagebrush in Nevada, but really! I remember in one bad fire season, the entire state of Nevada was practically on fire. There was a map that showed all the fires, including one in the center of Nevada that was something like 85,000 acres that I hadn't even heard of until then! 4 acres...

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