Friday, June 02, 2006

Yesterday's Pictures

Nothing tremendously exciting happened yesterday, which is pretty normal, I suppose. This is a picture I took on the drive back from the dermatologist's. Tough commute, huh? Luckily, I'm just mole-y and all my moles looked normal, but I'll be going back in 4 months just to make sure nothing has changed.

It's spring, which means that all the animals are having babies or at least trying to (I'll post pictures of the baby prairie dogs later, so cute!). We have this little finch who loves to perch on our no-pigeon-net, which covers our little porch thing outside. He sits there and sings beautiful songs, which seem to be working, since I've seen him once or twice recently flying up with a female carrying twigs in her beak.

I like this picture because it seems to turn convention on its head. We're the ones inside the cage and he's happily on the outside!

Now that have a washer of our very own in our apartment, one of our joys is to do laundry. We don't even pay for utilities here, so it's wonderful! The only hitch is that we can't have a dryer (no venting), so we've figured out some drying options. As you can see here, Peter strung a line on the porch, which turned out to be rather easy, since previous tenants left the nails in at the perfect spots! We also have some fun drying things I bought at IKEA while I was in Reno, so altogether, we're pretty well set.

The other nice thing about drying laundry on our porch is that we face the sun most of the day, which is great for drying clothes, but gets really hot with a big window and poor insulation. So the clothes make a kind of curtain, plus we sort of get the cooling effect of evaporation! (Not really, but I like to think that). I'm getting used to stiff jeans much more easily than I had expected. Compared to spending dollars and dollars worth of quarters every other week or so, not to mention hauling the clothes up and down 3-4 flights of stairs (which Peter usually did, the lovely man), stiff jeans is a small price to pay. Yay washer!!!

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It is tough to keep up with email sometimes, isn't it? It is hard also when most your friends are a long way off. You know, if you have the time, please drop by my photography blog and leave a comment or two about the pictures, what you like or dislike. I appreciate the input.