Monday, July 31, 2006

Fun Party!

Last night we threw an engagement party for our friends Carrie and Jonathan. They were the ones who climbed Kilimanjaro last month and at the summit, Jonathan proposed! So this was a combination welcome-back-slash-engagement party for them, since none of us had seen them since they returned to Colorado a week ago.

We had wine and cheese pairings, as well as various appetizers Peter and I made, and they all went over quite well. I had far too much fun planning this, from the invitations to the decor and the meal. I got to use a really fun font family (Tagettes and Tagettes Plus, as well as a dingbat font for the "motif"), fun quotes about travel and love I found on the internet and pictures of the happy couple on their various travels (the quotes and pictures were framed and put on the tables with the food).

Carrie and Jonathan shared with us some of their pictures from the trip, as well as some of the video they took, including the proposal!

We also set up a "photo booth" with travel-themed items to use to dress up. The result? Some incriminating photos that will no doubt come in handy should we ever need to blackmail :-) No, really they were fun and cute and we had fun taking them as well.

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