Thursday, July 20, 2006


This past weekend, my parents came to visit us in Boulder. This was my dad's first time seeing our place, though he had worked in Colorado one very pivotal summer in 1971 and has been back a few times since (my mom has been able to visit for work several times since we've moved here).

We had a really great time, and we did an amazing amount of things for the 4 or 5 days they were here, but I didn't realize how exhausted I was until this morning, when I overslept the arrival of my adorable summer job (eek!). Truly, though, the real culprit was my memory, conveniently telling me that my late-start morning followed my late-late night, which of course was not true at all.

We were out so late because Peter, my parents and I went to see Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young at Red Rocks. It was an incredibly long concert (in a good way), starting at 8:30 or so and ending after midnight, with an unusual intermission in the middle. The concert was sort of divided into thirds: lots of new anti-war songs to start (with a few classics in there, I think), intermission (doesn't count as a third), then acoustic versions of some of the great songs highlighting each of the members with the others backing up, and finally, some hard core rock with more of their classics, as well as some serious anti-war stuff, both new and old.

We saw quite a few people leaving during the slow acoustic section, maybe because they didn't know or like the songs, and maybe because it was a Tuesday night so they had to work the next day (it was about 10 or so by this time). We felt horrible for them when it was over though, because they missed almost half the concert! Too bad for them!

I think my favorite part was watching the crowd. There were really cute old hippies and really cute young hippies, as well as aging Baby Boomers (my parents included). I loved watching the row in front of us, which included an older couple who were dressed in clothes they either haven't worn in a long time, or who are still very counter culture. The woman wore a black leather biker cap and leather pants and looked like she weighed about 90 pounds and the man was similarly dressed. Next to them sat a group of younger people, the boy with a ratted white-fro that looked like it hadn't been washed in, oh, ever, and the girls were rocking out hard core, passing the joints and swilling the beer. It was really cute how much they loved the music.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get any pictures because CSN&Y didn't want cameras, and since I am incapable of sneaking, Peter had to run back to the car to put my beloved Tizzy away :-( But I do have lots of pictures from the other fun things we did with my parents, so I will get to posting them soon!

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