Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Happy weekend

Last weekend, Peter and I flew to Vegas for the wedding of two very good friends. The bride, Vanessa, was my roommate freshman year and introduced me to some wonderful friends and the groom, Ryan, was an RA with Peter and me and one of Peter's groomsmen last year. We were so happy when they met and started dating, and now they are married! The wedding was great and we had a lot of fun, especially seeing Griff, a friend we haven't seen in years, and his girlfriend.

We also had the great pleasure of seeing our friends Armando and Desiree in Pahrump again, along with their almost-seven-month-old baby. We had seen her the day she was born and a few weeks after, but had only seen a few pictures since then. She's a few days older than Will, so I was really curious and excited to see another baby around his age.

It was incredible how much she had grown! Of course I knew she would be bigger and moe capable than the helpless newborn we saw in December, and I knew what Will was like, but it was still amazing to see the jump, rather than the gradual increase I saw in Will. She was so strong and quite capable of feeding herself cookies (if they didn't get to the dogs first).

It was really nice to visit with our friends again, especially for Peter, who hasn't found friends quite like Ryan and Armando here in Boulder yet.

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