Monday, November 02, 2009

Another finished project!

OK, this is getting ridiculous. TWO finished projects in the same month? Unheard of. But yesterday, I finished a useful little thing for the house: a plastic bag holder. I used this tutorial, linked from Sew Mama Sew, though mine was not scrappy, sort of defeating the whole purpose. It was not scrappy because though I have lots and lots of yummy fabric, I have not actually been MAKING a lot of things, therefore I do not yet have a lot of scraps. The scraps I did have were lovely, but not of a color that would match our overall decor.

An unexpectedly good thing about making something I actually NEED is that every time I looked at the growing pile of plastic bags, I was reminded that I needed to finish it, and soon! Start to finish, I think this one took me two weekends, which is really good for me. Really, it was probably less than 2 hours, including leisurely cutting, ironing and sewing, and an unfortunate period including mysteriously tangling thread and bad stitching (still learning my machine!).

All in all, this was an excellent project for me, if only to show me how I can branch out a bit and think of things that are NOT quilts! Plus, I got to use some of my delicious fabric (Amy Butler, Midwest Modern here, both prints) and make scraps to use in other projects! And it's much prettier than the cluttered pile of bags we had before!

Have you finished any projects lately? Do tell!

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