Thursday, November 05, 2009


We moved over the summer, and yes, there are still some places we have not changed our address. Voter registration is apparently one of them because we got a letter from Voter Registration the day before the election.

"Ooh, are these our ballots?"

"No, they are the letters telling us we can't get our ballots."

Yeah. The letter politely informed us that they can't forward ballots, so if we wanted our ballots, we would have to MAIL IN A FORM to get them in the mail. By the next day. Yeah. Plus, we work until 7 PM, which is when the voter registration office closes. So we didn't vote. However, if we had had Maine's ballot, you can bet your BOOTS we would have made it happen. Fricking Maine.

So um, vote? and change your address when you move?

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Gretchen said...

The pivotal ad that convinced Maine voters to vote against gay rights was the same approach used in Calif last year...spread fear among the middle of the roaders by describing how schools would be required to teach gay marriage and your kids would come home asking you to explain gay sex--Dad.