Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Hamthrax*

About a month ago, it seemed like everyone was getting H1N1, including two of my close friends, who came down with it almost simultaneously. We had massive cancellations, and everyone knew someone who had it, or had "the flu." PS If you have "the flu" right now, it's H1N1, even if they haven't diagnosed you with it. The regular seasonal flu just is not circulating now.

Anyway, a week or so after mass infection seemed imminent (and right after I got my vaccination), things started to calm down a little bit. The hospital has a little graph tracking all of the various bugs in the hospital at any given time and after a dizzying climb for 3-4 weeks, it plateaued for a few weeks, and has been steadily dropping for the past 3-4 weeks.

Interestingly enough, it feels like now it is spreading to other places, if my informal sampling of blogs-I-read is any indication. I hope that the peak is as short for others as it was here and that everything calms down before seasonal hits. Stay well!

*Made up by people cleverer than I

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