Monday, November 16, 2009


Mondays are always hard, no matter who you are or what you do. My Monday schedule sounds like it should be a nice way to start the week, but I'm rethinking that now.

Mondays, I can't start the part of my work that actually counts toward something (seeing patients) until 1 PM, though I usually come in at about 11 AM to do paperwork, etc. Easing into the day, extending the weekend, right?

At 1, my first patient comes and then I don't stop until 6 PM, not even for 5 minutes to sit and write the notes for each kiddo's visit. Which means I get to stay and write all 5 of them at 6 PM, plus cleaning up, etc. I'm literally doing a full day's work in half my normal day, so it's essentially going zero to sixty in a heartbeat.

But, being thrown headfirst into the work week isn't so bad. Every other day's schedule seems like a relative picnic!

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