Sunday, November 08, 2009

Another weekend...

Another project!

I'm taking a break from the super secret project I'm working on now which might end up being a Christmas gift, if I can get it to work. That isn't looking so good, since I can't even get it to make two stitches at the moment. I have a few possible solutions to look into, but need to take a break from it for the moment.

Since I was hoping to have some more progress to report on than I do, I guess I should tell you my surprise.

I actually finished ANOTHER project this weekend! That's right. The current project is actually the second one of the weekend! In fact, I actually started and completely finished a project in less than two days! Truly unheard of.

I think the secret is making projects that aren't that hard or complicated. Giant quilts? Take forever. Seven seam wonders? Much faster.

Here is my lovely:

It's just a fabric ball, but it was my very first attempt ever at curved seams! It was somewhat successful, especially if you ignore the Franken-seams at the other end where I put the stuffing in. I need to improve my handsewing skills fo sho. Also, I am fairly sure I got the wrong kind of batting to stuff it, but I couldn't find the kind I think I needed at JoAnn's.

So yes, this one worked and it's pretty cute, but it was much too complicated for what I was hoping to do with it, which is shrink the pattern and make little ornaments like this. The thought of all those tiny curved seams makes me want to cry, so no. Other ornament plans must be made.

Also, I realized that while all of the fabrics look very pretty together (Midwest Modern again, just a different colorway), I would have liked a LITTLE more contrast. Maybe that bright orange I was looking at wouldn't have been so out of place. Oh well, live and learn.

Parting shot:
Recent sunset over the Flatirons.

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