Monday, November 26, 2007

Confusion in the football stadium

You know that song that plays at every sports game ever? CU (like other schools, probably) has its own words that we put in at various points of the song. After the chorus-thingy (where we say "hey" a bunch), we have a school-specific cheer. Problem is, there are about 18 billion versions of this. The official version they put on the jumbotron thing is "Buffaloes, buffaloes, go CU!" But everyone knows that chanting "buffaloes" is lame, even when we have a real live one who is awesome. So there are variations on the theme.

My personal favorite is "Fuck 'em up, fuck 'em up, go CU!" simply because it gives you the chance to let out all that pent up anger and hostility we have in modern society without calling the other team bad names (it does wish them harm, true, but it's in a song! How mean could we be?). Other people, hearing the crowd chanting both of these simultaneously, have come away thinking people were saying "Buck 'em off, buck 'em off" (since we ARE buffaloes, it makes some kind of sense). I just saw a comment on a story in our local paper that used "Rough 'em up, rough 'em up," which seems like a quaint, innocent version of today's student favorite.

Whatever you say, say it loud, because we're going to a bowl game, baby!

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