Tuesday, November 20, 2007

When Movies Go Bad

I'm pretty picky about my Netflix queue, rarely picking movies below 4 stars. As a result, I usually don't watch many movies I don't like. However, my in-laws are DVD collectors, so they have tons of movies that I wouldn't necessarily put on my queue, but might want to see anyway. Sometimes, the results just make me glad I didn't waste Netflix time on them (why it's different, I don't know. But it is). Anyway, we watched the new version of King Arthur last night and are watching Spider-Man 3 now. Here are my reviews:

King Arthur: "Gritty realism"="dirty." Lots of fighting. Kiera Knightly looks suprisingly god painted blue.

Spider-Man 3- Emo-Spidey is (unintentionally) hilarious. Too man bad guys. Lame-o. And the movie's not even done yet. EDITED TO ADD: Oh yeah, and I hate Kirsten Dunst even more. It has now passed from mild irritation to outright hostility. Blech.

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