Monday, November 05, 2007

Im in UR atik, creepin U out

Dudes! I'm taking a shower, conditioner on the hair, in the middle of shaving my second leg, when I hear this intense banging. Like it sounds like someone is in our apartment slamming our front door or something. I thought maybe our neighbors were just having a midday party, so I turn off the shower to be sure, because I've never heard neighbor sounds this loud in the shower! I turn off the water, still fully conditioned and soaped, when I realize I can now hear a man's voice. Clearly. Above my head. The ceiling is practically bending with the force of the manly strides and all I can think about is the vent directly above the shower leading right into the attic and I have no idea if they can see me (but I feel like they probably can). 

They've been doing attic work (remember when I had to leave at 8 AM?), but we were supposed to be done. I call the Housing office, she says "No, they should be in [other buildings] today, you shouldn't have to leave." And I'm like, "um, but they are HERE! Whoever they are, they are above my (still conditioner-laden) head." She reassures me that they shouldn't be able to see me, but it's not a definite "No, they could never be peeping Toms and you have nothing to worry about," so I use our beloved take-off-the-wall, attached-with-a-hose-kind of shower head and rinse my hair salon-style. And I rinse my half-shaven leg too. 

They are still pounding around up there and I really wonder who they are if they aren't the guys who are supposed to be crawling around our attics. I mean, they do have the full-on cherry picker, so they must be some kind of official, but seriously! Gross.

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