Thursday, November 08, 2007

...Oh What a Beautiful Day!

It's like 73 degrees out and it's incredible. The sun is just barely setting, there's a slight breeze and the screen door is open. I can almost make myself think that winter will never come and snow is years and years away. I left campus early today, just to be able to walk home in the glorious sunshine and not spend this incredible weather in the lab. It was definitely worth it.

We'll be going up to the mountains for the weekend. I really hope there's internet access there, but I'm pretty sure Peter won't accept NaBloPoMo as an excuse not to go. If there's no internet, whatever shall I do? Although, I'm pretty sure there's a Starbucks at least, since there's a Starbucks everywhere. PS Firefox apparently doesn't like the spelling of Starbucks. Way to fight the Man.

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