Monday, November 12, 2007

Winter food

Mmm.. soup. I love making soup because, frankly, it's generally pretty easy and hands-off, plus you can use up a lot of veggies and other foods that might not be as easy to make into a cohesive meal. Only problem is, Peter's not a huge soup-eating fan. Our soups usually end up more like chunky veggie/rice/pasta mixes that are more wet than a rice or pasta dish would be.

I haven't talked much yet about this amazing new cookbook we recently received as a gift, but I want to rectify that now. It's called Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. I don't know how we would be getting through these boxes of fruits and veggies we've been getting without it. Not only does it have a billion recipes for many, many veggies, it also has great information about vegetables and fruits, how to prepare things, which spices, oils and other veggies are good partners, and much more. Last night, I found it had a great section on how to make a vegetable soup in ten steps. The steps were generic, so I could put in whatever veggies I had on hand (celery, tomatoes, carrots) and make it taste good (we also usually add some orzo to our soup to make it less soup-like for Peter). And it turned out great!

The book is definitely not just for vegetarians. We are happy omnivores, though we are eating less meat now with the weekly box of fruit and vegetables to get through. I love it because it goes beyond the basic veggie sides in our "everything" cookbooks, but there's still a ot of flexibility. Go check it out!

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