Friday, November 02, 2007

Snuggling Babies

Last night I was babysitting, and the little baby was sick, so she did not want to go to sleep. She didn't even want her pacifier; all she wanted was to be held. So I snuggled with her for a little while, and she eventually calmed down with her head on my chest under my chin. I would have loved to stay like that, rocking in the rocking chair with a warm baby on my chest, but soon I heard her three-year-old brother clanking his silverware downstairs as he ate dinner by himself. The I heard him call something about spilling his milk. Great. So Baby went back in the crib (not happily at all), I went downstairs and found he had just finished his milk, which was much better anyway. Sadly, at the time I didn't know the baby was sick, or I might have given her a little more sympathy (and snuggling). Now I'll just have to imagine her snuggliness until I sit again.

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